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Delivery and service


If you want, we can provide you with the overall installation of the printing machinery and equipment, so that your printing press can start normal operation. After the installation is completed, we will debug the equipment and check the operation status, and provide you with a report of the installation and operation test data. At the same time, we can also provide professional training for your equipment operators and maintenance personnel. Our professional management team, rich on-site construction experience, strict quality control, and a full set of installation inspection and acceptance services will be your best choice.

● There is a large stock of spare parts in all major regions of the world

● Can be delivered the next day

● Long-term product support service (for old printing presses, spare parts supply is not a problem)

● Global Technical Service Center

● All technicians have passed the highest standard of skill training

Fengtai will never compromise on quality


Our leading products have undergone rigorous testing, meet CE standards, and make every effort to debug to ensure 100% performance.

Care for the whole life cycle

Fengtai's printing machine maintenance method is based on life cycle care, which is a comprehensive and systematic maintenance method supported by the world's advanced tools and processes. Life cycle care achieves higher equipment life cycle value by improving the productivity of uptime and reducing downtime costs.

Remote diagnosis service

After our commissioning experts have obtained the on-site work and fault information on the remote system, they can give timely and correct troubleshooting diagnosis and guidance so that the printing press can be restored to use as soon as possible. Most of the failures of machinery and equipment can be solved by domestic after-sales engineers.


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