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Service Philosophy

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Service Philosophy

  Focusing on customers, paying attention to customer needs, establishing a customer-oriented service process, enhancing customer service and marketing innovation capabilities, and creating a strong integrated customer service system.

  • Provide customers with convenient and professional quality services

  • Provide enterprises with comprehensive and accurate market quality information

Service Platform

  Fengtai insisted“Customer-centric”Build a global service system to provide customers with high-quality one-stop services. Fengtai will integrate the concept of customer service into all business links of the company's R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Each business link is customer-centric, and pursues customer satisfaction and customer loyalty to the maximum.

Customer first principle 

  Customers are the reason for our existence, so we must serve with our heart, take care of everything, start from the most subtle aspects, and do a good job of customer service from the overall situation. Customer satisfaction is the only yardstick for evaluating service personnel. Courtesy service is a specific form of expressing emotions and attitudes. Sales personnel must have good psychological quality and professional ethics, and serve customers with enthusiasm and sincere hospitality. His appearance, words and deeds should be sincere and natural from the heart. The consistency of etiquette is reflected in the same treatment of customers and the consistent service level throughout the service process. Provide active, thoughtful and patient service to every customer. Regardless of the level of customer requirements, the severity of speech, and the quality of attitude, we adhere to the high standards of service quality and the principle of inconsistency.



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