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FT-WF Round Trip Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine

This program is suitable for: local UV coating production line. Monochrome and multi-color printing for various UV inks, as well as partial UV and glazing special effect printing after printing. (such as: matte, wrinkle, snowflake, crystal, refractive, foam, etc.).
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This machine introduces advanced design and production technology, mainly parts and components are imported components. After years of development and improvement, it is suitable for applications and supporting in various printing fields.

This machine is a high-speed and high-precision full-automatic screen printing machine, which is suitable for single printing and multi-color overprinting of various paper, plastic sheets, metal films and other single materials with a thickness of 0.15-0.8mm.

This machine adopts PLC programmable control and easy operation. In printing, two devices of continuous paper feeding and single paper feeding can be selected according to the printing material. According to the different characteristics of printing, this machine can be connected with page-turning hot air dryer, ultraviolet curing machine and flat-feeding infrared/ultraviolet/drying machine.

This machine has a wide range of uses, and can print various packaging such as tobacco and alcohol boxes, as well as various types of printing such as stickers, transfer paper, signs, advertisements, and flexible circuit boards.


Automatic screen printing machine
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Model FJ720


Maximum paper size (mm) 720x520 780x540 1020x740
Minimum paper size (mm) 350x270 350x270 560x350
Maximum printing size (mm) 720x500 780x520 1020x720
Paper thickness (g/m2) 120~250 120~250 120~380
Screen frame size (mm) 880~880 940~940 1280x1140
Printing speed (p/h) 1000~3600 1000~3300 1000~3300
Total power (kw) 8.2 9 11
Weight (kg) 3500 4000 5500
Dimensions (mm) 3760x1960x1270 3760x1960x1270 4500x2600x1300


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