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FT800Full Automatic Stop Rotary screen printing machine
The 360-degree stop-rotation full-automatic screen printing machine adopts the classic stop-rotation technology. It has the advantages of accurate and stable paper positioning, high printing accuracy, high speed, low noise, and high degree of automation. It is suitable for ceramics, glass decals, and electronics. Industry (membrane switch, flexible circuit, instrument panel, mobile phone), advertising, packaging and printing, signage, textile transfer, special craft and other industries.
1. Classic stop and rotation structure; automatic stop format cylinder ensures that the printed parts can be delivered to the cylinder gripper accurately and with high accuracy; at the same time, the cylinder gripper and pull gauge are equipped with electric eyes to monitor the in-place condition of the printed parts , Effectively reduce the rate of printing waste.
2. Vacuum adsorption at the bottom of the feeding table, combined with the paper pushing and pressing structure on the table, to ensure the accurate and smooth conveying of various materials;
3. Double cams respectively control the squeegee and ink-returning knife actions; squeegee With pneumatic pressure holding device, the printed image is clearer and the ink layer is more uniform.
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FT-PBJ Automatic flatbed printing machine
Special printing machine for silicone + thick plate stereo heat transfer label FT-PBJ6080A-A flatbed type automatic screen printing machine According to the market prospects and technological development, we have developed this lithographic printing machine at the same time. It uses modern technology to make it simple to operate and has ultra-high printing accuracy. It is suitable for flexible circuit board printing, thermal transfer silicone printing, thick plate printing, etc. Various screen printing processes. The whole machine is driven by a fully imported servo motor to ensure high-precision, long-life and stable operation. It adopts communication-type electrical control to realize online fault processing and subsequent factory data management system.
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FT-LS1050 Cold Foil Laser Transfer Machine
FT-LS1050 Cold Foil Laser Transfer Machine This equipment can be combined with a fully automatic screen printing unit to synthesize a multi-functional silk screen cold foil transfer machine. One machine can achieve functions such as snowflake wrinkles, silk screen cold foil, laser transfer, and UV curing.
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The FT series of flat-feed jet high-efficiency automatic dryers are drying equipment designed and developed by our company based on screen inks with different characteristics. At the same time, it can be connected with various imported and domestic printing presses to form a complete and efficient production line. , It is widely used in printing industries such as paper, printed circuit boards, instrument signs, advertising, and plastics. This machine has three functions: hot air drying, ultraviolet curing and cold air cooling. The standard configuration of this dryer consists of four sections of hot air, one section of ultraviolet curing, and one section of cold air cooling. The conveyor belt adopts American Teflon glass fiber, which is resistant to coating, high temperature, friction and radiation; the cooling unit adopts an imported compressor to create a cold air environment at the bottom temperature, which effectively reduces the drying temperature of the printed product immediately. The running speed of this machine is stepless speed regulation, and the top of the machine is opened pneumatically, which makes it easy to operate. According to different printing products and inks with different characteristics, this machine is equipped with a single lamp operation and multiple lamp operation modes, which can extend the life of the lamp tube and save energy.
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FT1050 Automatic printing machine
360. Stop the rotating cylinder, super high printing accuracy; LCD man-machine dialogue interface; 4-9mm adjustable network (screen distance between screen and drum); Pull-out screen frame makes it easier to check the paper feeding status and clean the screen; PLC controls the centralized lubrication oiler to ensure the lubrication of the transmission part, reduce the vulnerable parts of key components and extend the service life; Photoelectricity monitors the status of empty sheets and crooked sheets during the printing process, effectively reducing the scrap rate; The roller receives paper accurately, and the bite is small; Pneumatic screen frame clamping device and auxiliary pressure holding device of squeegee; Automatic ink tray device after shutdown; Unique non-stop adjustable push/pull gauge design.
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FT-ZJ Paper Frame Automatic Dryer
●This machine is a page-turning vertical feed dryer, which uses a paper rack to feed paper and dry printed matter in the form of electric hot air. It is widely used in ceramic decals, packaging, lottery, credit card printing industries. ●The main body of the machine is composed of a heating section and a cooling section. The heating section is equipped with infrared electric heating tubes to create a hot air circulation through the wind house, and the cooling section is equipped with an exhaust fan to cool the printed product through the air flow. ●This machine is equipped with automatic temperature adjustment to control the temperature in the box to ensure uniform temperature. This machine can be connected to a fully automatic screen printing machine or used in conjunction with a semi-automatic screen printing machine.
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