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The types and models produced by the company include FJ and FT780, 800, 1050 and other reciprocating and stop-rotating drum screen machines, as well as corresponding auxiliary equipment.

360 degree stop rotation automatic screen printing machine
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FT800Full Automatic Stop Rotary screen printing machine
The 360-degree stop-rotation full-automatic screen printing machine adopts the classic stop-rotation technology. It has the advantages of accurate and stable paper positioning, high printing accuracy, high speed, low noise, and high degree of automation. It is suitable for ceramics, glass decals, and electronics. Industry (membrane switch, flexible circuit, instrument panel, mobile phone), advertising, packaging and printing, signage, textile transfer, special craft and other industries.
1. Classic stop and rotation structure; automatic stop format cylinder ensures that the printed parts can be delivered to the cylinder gripper accurately and with high accuracy; at the same time, the cylinder gripper and pull gauge are equipped with electric eyes to monitor the in-place condition of the printed parts , Effectively reduce the rate of printing waste.
2. Vacuum adsorption at the bottom of the feeding table, combined with the paper pushing and pressing structure on the table, to ensure the accurate and smooth conveying of various materials;
3. Double cams respectively control the squeegee and ink-returning knife actions; squeegee With pneumatic pressure holding device, the printed image is clearer and the ink layer is more uniform.
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FT-PBJ Automatic flatbed printing machine
Special printing machine for silicone + thick plate stereo heat transfer label FT-PBJ6080A-A flatbed type automatic screen printing machine According to the market prospects and technological development, we have developed this lithographic printing machine at the same time. It uses modern technology to make it simple to operate and has ultra-high printing accuracy. It is suitable for flexible circuit board printing, thermal transfer silicone printing, thick plate printing, etc. Various screen printing processes. The whole machine is driven by a fully imported servo motor to ensure high-precision, long-life and stable operation. It adopts communication-type electrical control to realize online fault processing and subsequent factory data management system.
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FT-LS1050 Cold Foil Laser Transfer Machine
FT-LS1050 Cold Foil Laser Transfer Machine This equipment can be combined with a fully automatic screen printing unit to synthesize a multi-functional silk screen cold foil transfer machine. One machine can achieve functions such as snowflake wrinkles, silk screen cold foil, laser transfer, and UV curing.
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/ 2020

Different types of screen printing machines

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Screen printing can be divided into many types according to its format, printer variety, ink properties and type of substrate, but the printing methods can be divided into the following types. 1. Flat screen flat screen printing: Flat screen flat screen printing machine uses a flat screen plate to print on a flat substrate. During printing, the printing plate is fixed and the scraping plate moves. 2. Flat screen curved screen printing: Flat screen curved screen printing is a method of printing flat screen printing plates on curved substrates (such as balls, cylinders, cylinders, etc.). When printing, the squeegee is fixed, the printing plate moves in the horizontal direction, and the substrate rotates with the printing plate. 3. Rotary screen screen printing: Rotary screen screen printing is a cylindrical screen printing method in which a fixed squeegee is installed in the cylinder, and the cylindrical printing plate and the substrate are synchronously moved at the same line speed. 4. Indirect screen printing: the first three methods all use the printing plate to print directly on the substrate, but only some regular geometric shapes, such as planes, cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, etc., can be printed on complex shapes, edges and recesses. Surfaces and other special-shaped objects must be printed by indirect screen printing. The process often consists of two parts: flat screen printing and transfer, that is, the screen printing image is not directly printed on the substrate, but printed first. On the flat material, transfer to the substrate by a certain method. One of the methods of indirect printing is to use flat screen printing to print an image on a flat glass, and then use a flexible silicone head to absorb the ink image from the glass plate like a seal, and then transfer it to a special shape. Surface: Another method of indirect screen printing is decal transfer, such as: silk-screen decal + thermal transfer, screen-print decal + pressure sensitive transfer, screen-print decal + solvent activation transfer Printed. Indirect screen printing has become a major area of ​​the printing industry.
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